Highlander Firearms

Gun Transfers

Highlander Firearms is happy to accept firearms transfers from any currently licensed FFL holder. Please keep in mind that transferring firearms correctly and legally takes attention to detail from the selling dealer, the receiving dealer and the buyer. Communication and follow through are the key to this process being pulled off without a hitch.

We charge $30.00 for the transfer (long gun or hand gun) regardless of how many guns you transfer to Highlander Firearms.

The Process

Here is the process you need to follow if you are going to have a firearm(s) transferred to Highlander Firearms.

Step 1

  • Once you have decided on the firearm you want to purchase, check with your dealer to see if they have our signed and valid FFL on hand. If they do, then you are good to go for the transfer. Your selling FFL dealer will just need to send us a signed copy of their valid FFL when they ship the firearm to us. If they don’t have our valid, signed FFL on-hand, proceed to step 2 below.

Step 2

  • Send an email to FFL(at)HighlanderFirearms(dot)com and tell us the email address that we need to send our signed, valid FFL to. Please include your name, a good phone number for contacting you, the selling dealers name, what gun(s) are being transferred, invoice or purchase order # and when the transfer is going to occur(immediate or scheduled date). We will forward your email to your dealer and include our FFL in that email. Once we have forwarded our FFL to your dealer, we will respond back to your email and tell you that the FFL has been sent to your dealer. Once the dealer has notified you that the firearm has shipped, proceed to the next step. Please do not pay for the transfer until your firearm has shipped.

Step 3

  • Pay the transfer fee via this link in advance:


Step 4

  • Call Highlander Firearms and make an appointment to begin the background check process in order to pick up your firearm(s) once we have the firearm at our business.


Should your background check (eNICS) come back DENIED, we do not refund the gun transfer fee and will require you to pay to have the firearm(s) shipped back to your selling dealer. Failure to handle this by you creates a mess for everyone, so please let us know if you think you could get denied before the transfer to get ahead of it.